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 Subject :Looking to start a mesh in daytona.. 2011-12-27- 15:40:34 
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Hey guys (and gals maybe :P), just a quick note to say hi.

Looking to start a small mesh network here in the daytona beach/port orange area, wondering if anyone else here is in that area that wants to partner with me.

already have a couple of sites here available for us, looking to try and get a couple of routers relatively cheap to start off with to get my feet wet. if anyone can help with a supply of those that would be great too..

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 Subject :Re:Looking to start a mesh in daytona.. 2011-12-28- 02:02:21 
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Hi, Charlie. Fancy meeting you here. Steve W1SGC, and I have been working on an HSMM-MESH for Volusia ARES served agencies. I've already got one WRT54GL flashed with HSMM-MESH as KV4I-100 running on my desk with stock antennae, Bud N0IA has volunteered a 24 dbi 2.4 GHZ parabolic and we're planning to do some testing after we can get another WRT54GL and parabolic. After we run some tests to make sure we can deliver, Steve is interested in approaching the served agencies. Let's keep in touch on this. 73 Mark KV4I
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