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 Subject :Newbee checking in.. 2017-07-05- 20:51:36 
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Hi all, thanks for having this forum.

I have all of the components needed to get "on the air" just overcoming inertia.

I have a NanoStationLoco and over 700 feet of cat5 outdoor wire (grey)

I have a WRT54GL with Hamnet firmware installed and several hundred feet of RG6 coax and a 15db gain vertical antenna.

And I have 2 Xeon servers running Ubuntu Server with GUI.

I see one station on Googlemaps that I might be able to hit.

So please tell me to get off my a$$ and get to work.

I have many questions however. Even though I'm a retired Unix sysadmin I am very rusty since that was almost 30 years ago.

For openers, where does the DHCP take place? What do I have to do? Which IP addresses?

Thanks for any comments and support. 73, Jim W3FAW

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 Subject :Re:Newbee checking in.. 2017-08-15- 08:25:53 
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I doubt the WRT54G can reach very far without a good high gain antenna. The Loco has a high gain antenna built in. What model is the Loco? 2, M2, 5, M5, something else? If it's an M2, I'd put AREDN on it (it's actively developed, will talk to BBHN just fine, and you can avoid bricking the device). If it's not an M, it can't run BBHN or AREDN. If it's an M5, it's in the 5GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz band that Linksys devices use. As for your other questions, the mesh node is the DHCP server. It should just be plug and play if your servers are running a DHCP client.
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