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 Subject :WRT54G firmware.. 2020-02-23- 06:10:51 
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The WRT54G I have shows version 6 on the case, but when I log into the control panel it shows version 1.1

I have successfully installed HSMM-MESH firmware on a WRT54 GL and a GS.

Since I have a WRT54G v6, and while I understand this is not a candidate for HSMM firmware, I thought that DD-WRT would be nice to have. It will not accept the DD-WRT firmware for a V6...

Now I don't know what I have. Which version do I believe?

Perhaps the firmware selection of the MICRO+ OLSRD versus the MICRO package was too large. At this point I thought it would be wise to ask if anyone else has had this problem before I brick a free router...  :>)

Thanks for any insight you can provide


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