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 Subject :Node Overheating Issues ?.. 2013-06-12- 08:13:57 
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I took one of my nodes out of the OEM case and mounted it in a NEMA-4 (weather proof) enclosure. I removed the antenna mount that is wired across the PC board off of the board and mounted it in the bottom of the enclosure.  The other antenna fitting I left as is and left the OEM antenna on it.  The external antenna connector now has a YAGI antenna connected to it. The YAGI will be mounted on the mast above the enclousre, with the node inside. The node will be powered by POE with battery and solar panel.

My concern is temperature control inside the enclosure. Should I be concerned about the componets of the node overheating inside the small enclosure when it's closed up and mounted out in the sun ? The plastic OEM case was pretty well ventilated, but this new arrangement will not allow for any air flow inside the closed box.

Anyone else aleady been down this road and experianced any over heating issues with the node ?




Node in NEMA-4 Enclosure

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