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 Subject :Starting a BAD or HAD day a month?.. 2013-07-30- 11:57:31 
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I was wondering if anyone has thought about how to get more nodes on the air across the country?

I am thinking maybe something based on what the Microwavers have - Microwave Activity Day or better known as MAD. It was started years ago to get microwavers out and to test gear to make sure its working and then do any modifications.

Could call it either HSMM-Mesh Activity Day (HAD) or Broadband-Hamnet Activity Day (BAD).

All kidding put aside, how about it, the third weekend of each month everyone goes out to a local park or hill and sees who they can work from there.

Here locally, I probably could work good distances across either across Lake Erie into Ohio or across Lake Michigan into Illinois or Wisconsin.

Any thoughts on this?

James W8ISS

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