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 Subject :Updated nodes to 1.0.0 - Nice!.. 2013-08-09- 04:55:27 
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Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

I just finished updating my nodes to Version 1.0.0. Everything went smooth. I had one issue, where I could not log in with the old password. I just followed the instructions for a fail-safe login and reset the password. Everything is working great!

Planning to have the node set up for use at the "Tall Ships" Festival August 16-18 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We'll have an IP camera streaming video and set up logging for the special event station on Saturday!

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Dennis, KC9OIS
 Subject :Re:Updated nodes to 1.0.0 - Nice!.. 2013-08-09- 08:23:20 
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Remember, this is a clean wipe so passwords (and everything else) will NOT be carried across firmware revisions. Patches, when available, are different. Good luck with the Tall Ships Fest'! Can you put a node & camera up in the crow's nest on one of the ships? :)
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