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 Subject :BBHN V 1 vs DD-WRT.. 2013-08-30- 02:11:13 
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I wasn't sure where to put such a topic, so admins, feel free to move it.

I've just got two V1 nodes up, starting to experiment with 'em and learn the ropes. I also had a WRT310N laying around, and stuck dd-wrt on it. I've seen a couple of other posts referring to dd-wrt, relating to connecting to a HMSS mesh.

Is this possible? Will dd-wrt in OLSR mode work reasonably well with HSMM? What features get lost in the translation?

I suppose the fun is in experimenting with this sort of thing, but I thought if I could get a quick answer here before wasting a lot of time, I'd be better off.

My reason for even considering such a mixed marriage is the lack of Linksys routers in my neighbourhood. I flat out refuse to pay $70 for a GL new, and sincehitting all the thrift stores and electronics recyclers I'm now planning dumpster diving safaris. DD-WRT is available for a lot of cheap routers available in my neighbourhood; some TP-Link models can be had at Wally-World for around $20 new.

My apologies again for croosing about 3 different topic lines. Feedback most welcome.

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 Subject :Re:BBHN V 1 vs DD-WRT.. 2013-09-30- 09:14:08 
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I've used dd-wrt micro with OLSR on a WAP54 to talk to V1 nodes. There isn't room on the WAP for microperl, and only one network jack, so I didn't even attempt the UI, routing, or plugins. The biggest loss will be the ease of configuring and the UI. You may also get IP address collisions if you happen on devices with the same last-3 mac address. I expect you will be manually setting IPs anyway, so that may not be as much an issue. You can look at the \wrt54g\trunk\files path in the SVN repo for the changes from stock OpenWRT. That should get you started on configuring. AD7PE

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