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 Subject :Only 1 Ethernet cable.. 2013-09-10- 11:12:50 
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Ok here is what I have...

I am helping one of our hams in our group set this up.

He has a tower with one Ethernet line run to the top. We are going to put the Linksys node with a 30dbi grid antenna at the top. We have two ubiquiti 5.8ghz units one at the bottom of the tower and one at the house. I don’t think a node at the house in the basement would be able to connect to the one at the top of the tower. So what would be the best way to...

A. Connect to the mesh from in-side the home?

B. Still be able to provide Internet to the mesh if needed?

My first thought is to connect the WAN and LAN together. Not sure if I would get a routing loop? Then make the node LAN "NAT" with 172. no DHCP, static the PC with a 172 #. Make the WAN a static 192. to tie into his existing home network. Any ideas would be appreciated greatly.

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 Subject :Re:Only 1 Ethernet cable.. 2013-09-10- 21:47:34 
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I would use one directional dish and one omnistick in the mast. Use diversity on the antennas.

This way your node inhouse, providing the internet connection, will connect with the node in the mast and provide a stable path.

This is the way I have it myself actually....

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