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 Subject :Telemetry.. 2013-09-25- 08:50:03 
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- Perhaps this should be an 'Applications' discussion...

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive, small, off-the-shelf telemetry box that could be integrated into a tower-top mesh node? Ideally, said box would have an embedded web server that can be accessed via the mesh to report things like battery voltage, solar cell voltage, charge current, local temp, all that great remote site environmental stuff.

I know APRS environmental sensing is on the wish list; anyone working on that? It would be very cool for a mess o' nodes to report back to a base node with a TNC attached for APRS updating.

The Raspberry PI seems to be really popular for this sort of thing, but I'd rather just buy something off the shelf if it can be done reasonably cheap.

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 Subject :Re:Telemetry.. 2013-09-30- 10:01:09 
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Have you looked at adding scripts to the HSMM mesh node? The node runs Linux (OpenWRT), so you already have the web server and a TTL serial port. You would need to add the sensors, unless there is a built-in temperature sensor already. It would be similar to adding the sensors to the PI, but with one less box to connect.
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