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 Subject :Security.. 2011-10-10- 19:21:32 
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I read the article from CQ magazine talking about the ability / need for security in a network like this.  I have just setup my first node (need to go find some more ...) and the key if present wasn't configurable.  Is there a stock key that is used, or is there none at all?  I also noted that if you put it in access point mode, it doesn't allow you to specify a password, I know that mode is more of a novelty, but I found it strange.

Any clarification would be greatly appreceated.

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 Subject :Re:Security.. 2011-11-18- 21:26:03 
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The idea is one of openness -- allowing other hams to connect as they drive by.
If you want to encrypt your mesh then no one can connect to the mesh. HSMM-MESH is
primarily intended for event or emergency communications and not replace your home
wifi network. With encryption the added steps to obtain the key used by the event's
mesh gets cumbersome at best.

I'm not sure why you consider it strange that the access point mode doesn't have a
password since using WiFi in McDonald's, StarBucks, or any of the Texas Rest Stops
(amongst others) doesn't require it.

Mesh's can be encrypted -- one of mine is that way -- but the specification of the
method and key requires being able to use the Linux shell and and manually edit one
of the config files.


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