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 Subject :Flash back to stock WRT54G firmware(or any other firmware).. 2011-12-21- 08:56:45 
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Log in with putty over, have to set static ip of

Thanks to KB8QWN using tfp to upload a firmware before the router boots is easy with these steps.

  1. Connect over SSH to, from static IP of I used putty.
  2. Run the commands:
  3. nvram set boot_wait=on
  4. nvram set boot_time=10
  5. nvram commit
  6. Download tfp.exe from the Downloads here.
  7. Select and your bin file.
  8. In your SSH terminal window run the command, reboot.
  9. Switch over to tfp.exe and upload the bin.
  10. Green light means you can close tfp.exe and your SSH terminal.
  11. Wait a few good minutes and then browse to the routers IP, most likely default, and DD-WRT)

Figured I would share. Since some may need to boot a more complete firmware for testing stuff.

For instance, my issue thread here about range. Now I know my router is busted or something as DD-WRT provides the ability to test an antenna more visually than the HSMM firmware.

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