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 Subject :WRT54G system time and WIFI connection.. 2014-07-11- 18:00:04 
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Hi, I am new to HSMM but hoping to get better at it.

I have a Linksys WET54G that is quite happily picking up the WIFI in my home. If I connect it via an Ethernet cable to my laptop running Ubuntu Linux, disable WIFI on the laptop but enable cable connection, I can still browse the internet. So I know the Linksys WET54G is working. However, when I connect the WET54G to my WRT54G running HSMM-Mesh on the internet input, the system time doesn't update. Therefore, I am sure that the WRT54G is getting a time signal but the set-up is wrong. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get the WRT54G hear the WET54G please?

Many thanks, Robert M0NVQ

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 Subject :Re:WRT54G system time and WIFI connection.. 2014-08-13- 01:03:30 
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While this is not a direct answer to your question, it will allow you to set the date and time in your BBHN router. I am not a Linux expert by any stretch but I have been able to manually set the time in my BBHN routers by SSH into the router with Putty and using the "Date" command I can manually set the system time. I have been trying to get SNTP/NTP working to automatically update my routers date and time from a non-Internet NTP server (edit the NTPCLIENT file to replace with my local NTP server) but so far no luck. Anyway hope this information helps you out. 73, Bill, N4SV
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