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 Subject :Re:Re:Saratoga, Fremont, San Jose Mesh network plans.. 2014-08-18- 22:40:11 
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I will try to aim my node your direction as soon as I get my firmware updated. Everyone else in the bay area is going to need to update firmware as well so we can all stay compatible. Also make sure you add your node to the map:

[KD7OFR 2014-07-14- 11:55:39]:

KD7OFR here. I am in the south bay, and have an Ubiquiti Nanostation M2, which I picked up second-hand for $43 shipped I am at the southern end of the CM97AH grid square, just north of Hamilton Ave near San Tomas Expy, and would like to experiment with connecting to others in the area.

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