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 Subject :Newbie question: -ash: ipkg: not found / UBNT.. 2014-08-19- 04:03:24 
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Here's a newbie problem on UBNT FW1.1.2.  Trying to install asterisk and get this:

-ash: ipkg: not found

Googling it points to the Optware package as MIA.  Looking at my UBNT's root I don't see a directory for opt.

Can someone point me in the right direction?  Thanks for the help

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 Subject :Re:Newbie question: -ash: ipkg: not found / UBNT.. 2014-08-19- 05:05:24 
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ipkg was discontinued years ago by upstream (OpenWRT)

Since the Ubiquiti builds are built on recent versions of OpenWRT (12.09 released in 2014 for 1.1.x builds)  it will use opkg instead of ipkg.

ipkg is still used by Linksys builds (based on OpenWRT 7.09 released in 2009)

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