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 Subject :Interpreting results from Splat.. 2012-01-10- 14:53:24 
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I ran some sites through and I'm confused by the results. Splat reported the results at the bottom of this post.

The comment there were no obstructions to the LOS path seemed to indicate that a connection was possible with the previously entered heights but the second comment seems to say that height needs to be increased to 132 to clear the first fresnel zone. Then the last comment seems to say that only 62 feet is needed to clear the fresnel zone. Obviously, I don't understand what to make of this. Can someone please explain what this means? I can't tell if attempting this link is a realistic effort.


Mark KV4I

No obstructions to LOS path due to terrain were detected by SPLAT!

Antenna at HHMCDB must be raised to at least 132.00 feet AGL
to clear the first Fresnel zone.

Antenna at HHMCDB must be raised to at least 62.00 feet AGL
to clear 600f the first Fresnel zone.
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