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 Subject :Why dosn't my web page service show up on other nodes?.. 2014-10-11- 10:42:58 
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so I have miniweb hosting a simple web page on a netbook connected to my W6JWP-104 node. I set up a service on the node to link to the web page and when I rebooted and checked it shows up on the W6JWP-104 mesh status page. And when I click on the link it goes to the web page. The problem is when I try a different computer connected to my W6JWP-101 node and go to the mesh status page the W6JWP-104 node show up but the web page doesn't show up as a service.

Arrrgh! It won't allow me to attach the screen shots!


- 73

- Joe W6JWP

 W6JWP-104 mesh status.png [13 KB] :: attachment 1
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 Subject :Re:Why dosn't my web page service show up on other nodes?.. 2014-10-16- 09:44:04 
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I have the same problem!! In the local Lan ( other computers direct ) & in the PC connected to the node, the web page works ok. But if I try in other node, don't display the home page ( error page don¡t exist ). Any idea?
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 Subject :Re:Why dosn't my web page service show up on other nodes?.. 2014-10-29- 11:31:48 
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Are you  forwarding the port the webserver uses?

73, Graham, ZL3GSL

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73, Graham ZL3GSL
 Subject :Re:Why dosn't my web page service show up on other nodes?.. 2014-11-26- 03:39:18 
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I have three nodes set up on my farm that monitor and control everything from the greenhouse to the solar systems and equipment in the barn. Node 2 connects to an Arduino Uno programmed as a web server to monitor and control some greenhouse equipment where as node 3 uses a serial to ethernet link to an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC which oversees and logs quite a bit of day to day activity in both the greenhouse, barn and alternative power sources.

The attached photos show how I set up the port forwarding since it sounds very similar to your setup.

 Node_1.png [122 KB] :: Mesh status as seen from node 1
 PLC Port Forwarding.png [121 KB] :: Scada OPC link on node 3 setup
 Node_2.png [138 KB] :: Web server node port forwarding page
 Web_Server.png [146 KB] :: Resulting web page from server on node 2
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