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 Subject :what to take into the field.. 2010-10-13- 03:34:05 
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Elsewhere, others have posted some information on useful items to take into the field. As some SETs are coming up, I thought a reminder would be useful:

  • Laptop
    • power supply or extra battery
    • wireless nic with pre-installed drivers
    • netstumbler, kismet, other wireless software
  • Antennas
    • suitable coax
    • N/SMA/TNC/MMCX adapters and pigtails
    • tripod or other mount
  • Routers
    • power supply or battery
    • POE injectors
    • ethernet cables
    • loginid and passwords
  • Other
    • sun shield for you (hat, long sleeve shirt, sunscreen)
    • sun shield for the laptop screen
    • GPS and compass
    • table and chair
    • water
    • AC inverter
    • HT, power supply or extra battery, antenna if necessary
    • screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches that any of the above need
    • notepad and pen
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