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 Subject :D-RATS.. 2012-01-24- 11:29:27 
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On 1/24/12, Marty, W9OV and I sucessfully passed D-RATs traffic between two HSMM-MESH nodes. Here's the setup we used:

HSMM-MESH node KV4I-100 hosted a D-RATS Repeater Proxy (AKA a RatFlector) running on a laptop connected to one of the 4 LAN KV4I-100 LAN ports. The RatFlector is part of the standard D-RATs install available from The RatFlector settings were left at the default settings to accept incoming connections, to trust localhost and to use Port 9000. The only configuration changed was to assign a Repeater Callsign.

KV4I-100 Port Forwarding was enabled for the WiFi interface TCP traffic with outside and LAN ports set to 9000.

We also ran an instance of D-RATs on the laptop running the RatFlector and on a second computer which was connected to the second LAN port on KV4I-100.

On W9OV-100, we connected a laptop computer to one of the 4 LAN ports and launched D-RATs. In the D-RATS Config screen (File\Preferences\Radio) we added a port (name should be the Repeater callsign so you know what's on the port, type = Network, Host Address = KV4I-100, port = 9000).

There was no need to advertise the service at either node and no need to enable port forwarding on W9OV-100.

It worked fine.

Mark KV4I

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 Subject :Re:D-RATS.. 2018-01-21- 20:32:55 
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can you make a guide as to how to setup the mesh for using d-rats?
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