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 Subject :Volusia MESH Status Update 1/24/12 - New Apps.. 2012-01-24- 14:26:20 
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Yeah, we've got an app for that.

On 1/24/12, Marty W9OV and I set up two mesh nodes KV4I-100 and W9OV-100 and completed the following tasks.

Web server access between two MESH nodes (like we did at the Vol ARES meeting 1/21/12)

D-RATS chat and messaging between two MESH nodes via a D-RATS Repeater Proxy (RatFlector)

Focus VideoPhone video chat between two MESH nodes.

Details on the D-RATs  and VideoPhone setup appear in the Applications forum in

Thanks to Bud N0IA and Marty W9OV we've also obtained the use of a 24 db grid parabolic antenna and an 18 db panel antenna. After we obtain connectors and rig up mounts, we'll be announcing a date for an outdoors field test.

73 Mark KV4I

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