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 Subject :Streaming audio across MESH nodes?.. 2015-01-07- 15:09:07 
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I have two nodes connected back to back over a VLAN. Trying to connect a third node to the stream fails.


NS5 and NS2 connected via VLAN. NS2 has RPi running BlackIce.  The RPi is connected to a scanner via a USB sound card.

PiS2 connected only via the MESH. The stream will not play hear.

If I want any node (there are 8 in the test) to connect and output the stream, is there a port forwarding configuration needed?

73 de mike

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 Subject :Re:Streaming audio across MESH nodes?.. 2015-01-14- 15:51:30 
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Sounds like a similar situation which I ran into while working on streaming video over BBHN. Probably a little bit easier to stream audio than video.

Which version of RPi do you have? A or B? Have you tested the streaming audio using a regular ethernet switch to connect the RPi server to a client computer?

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