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 Subject :Two Nanostation M2s on the Same Mast.. 2015-02-01- 15:34:24 
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I would like to create a relay point half way between the two endpoints in order to go around a mountain.  If I have two Nanostation M2s mounted in the RF Armor shields, can I mount them on the same mast facing in different directions?  Does it help to mount them a certain vertical distance apart?  What else should I be considering?

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 Subject :Re:Two Nanostation M2s on the Same Mast.. 2015-02-02- 10:44:10 
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!st disclaimer - I do not know much about what I am talking about . . .But I have run a linksys behind (in back of) my NSM2 and it works well. Based on your diagram, I would just mount the two NSM2s somewhat back to back and try them without the switch that you show. Just may save a piece of equipment. Do not know what difference a PVC pole mount would make vs a metal pole. You may need some separation - Mine were 20 feet apart.  Good Luck!

Vance, KC8RGO

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 Subject :Re:Re:Two Nanostation M2s on the Same Mast.. 2015-02-02- 11:06:38 
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I would suggest at least using a reverse-ethernet cable to connect the LAN ports on the two power bricks. That is really the same as using a switch/hub, but a lot less expensive. OTOH, a switch/hub does let you get in the middle with your computer if you want. Also, I think you indicated that the mid-point was also your gateway - in which case, you'd definitely want a switch.

Also, personally, I'd just try both radios on the same pole with as much vertical separation as you have available. You will probably get de-sense, but you may still get a usable link. Even better, if you can run one pair of nodes on ch 1 and the other on ch 6 (or ch 11 if you can run under Part 15 rules), you should get improved isolation.

YMMV, good luck.

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 Subject :Re:Two Nanostation M2s on the Same Mast.. 2015-02-02- 17:13:20 
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Along with running on multiple RF channels you can also get some of the RF armor kits which are metal shields to go around the NanoStation (and other models) which can help attenuate signals from nodes below/above/behind since the node case is mostly plastic it adds some extra protection.

Both of these are tricks that WISP's use to put multiple devices on the same tower however the use of different channels is probably the best of them all and the armor is an added bonus.

If your area uses smaller channel widths you can fit more nodes on a tower at the expense of slower speed (you also gain extra spectral density which improves the link performance )

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