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 Subject :FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt..... 2015-02-28- 16:36:51 
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I had an old Dell, slapped a fresh HD into it and installed the FreePBX Linux kit onto it...

The install went well.  I can get into the web gui, even over the mesh!

I just can't figure out how or where you attach phones to users and IDs to mac addresses...

I don't have much of a clue as to what I am doing and I am looking for some help getting my Cisco 7960 and some polycom phones up and running.

Any AsteriskNOW guru's out there?!?

Bill - N5MBM

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 Subject :Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt..... 2015-02-28- 17:47:06 
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The way I setup my PBX was give the phone/ATA a static IP on the mesh node they are attached to.  Then the pbx a static IP on the node its attached to.   The phones are programed with extensions of birthdays right now so the user who has the phone birthday is there ext number.   You can setup a dial by name directory also or call sign if you so desire. By no means am I an expert but that is the way I handled it.

My PBX is running on a BeagleBone Black and the phone/ATA boxes are

these off ebay
then utilize regular of the shelf phones and dect wireless ones

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 Subject :Re:Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt..... 2015-03-02- 02:52:19 
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Bill, the process to make Asterisk work involves several steps. You have to program the phone and assign it a phone number and password. This occurs inside the phone but is actually easy to manage by TFTP. Next, you assign the same number and the same password to the phone in Asterisk. Last, you boot the phone on a network containing the Asterisk server. The TFTP part is the biggest help. If you want the phone to be programmed by TFTP, you must point the phone at the server with the TFTP folder. Normally this is on the same server as your Asterisk. The phone finds a config file starting with its own mac address and adopts those values. This is pretty cool as you can set the server up to give different features to the phone (multiple numbers, etc) and, on reboot, the phone gets modified. Lots has already been written on this topic. Use the search window in upper right from any page. Broadband-Hamnet now searches every work including forum content using Google. The search is confined to content on this web site.
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 Subject :Re:Re:Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt... 2015-03-02- 15:30:19 
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Subject :Re:Re:Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt...

When a phone is plugged into a LAN, unless it's been given a static IP address and associated setup, the phone sends a query to get its IP address, gateway address, netmask, and a few other tidbits of network information to get setup. One of those little tidbits it asks the DHCP server for is the address for a TFTP server. Sooooo..... you can setup that node's DHCP server with the address (or set of possible addresses) of the mesh TFTP server the phone can (ab)use to obtain an initialization file. How does one do that, you ask? Edit the file "/etc/dnsmasq.conf" to add this line at the end: dhcp-option=150,",," The servers listed should be in order of preference from left to right. Those servers should have the appropriate files for your phones.
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 Subject :Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt..... 2015-03-06- 17:20:10 
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I gave up on "FreePBX"...  Mostly because everything I wanted to do or add they wanted money for - imagine that?!?  I got exactly what I paid for...  But I DID like their GUI for configuring things!

So I started all over from scratch!  Which means I am probably doing it the hard way...  But...

I downloaded the latest version of Unbuntu and installed it.  Then I went and installed Asterisk, for Unbuntu.  And now, without a Http GUI to help me out, I am sort of stuck...  I stalled out and took a break from bashing my head into the keyboard at 2:53am...

I really miss that GUI!

But I am going to dive back into it after I get some other nodes setup in town - it got put on the back burner...  Getting my fellow hams UP and ON the mesh is more important right now.

And after talking to Jim K5KTF about Asterisk, we need to all get our asterisks talking to each other with some software he told me about so we can make the whole PBX stuff a really workable and viable addition to all of our ham shacks!  I like his idea of using our callsigns on the telephone keypad!

Thanks for all your comments - I will dive back into this and let you know my progress!

Bill - N5MBM

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 Subject :Re:Re:FreePBX 12.0.40 Linux Distro on a Dell PC - kicking my butt..... 2015-03-07- 01:01:08 
Future Astronaut
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I see that you mentioned previously AsteriskNOW. That is what I use. What are you needing to do that required you to pay whoever money? I've been using Asterisk & FreePBX for a while and have never paid anyone a cent (except for a VoIP<->PSTN provider...which does require some type of plan).

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