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 Subject :Las Vegas HSMM-Mesh.. 2012-02-12- 08:24:16 
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Hello all

My Name is Dan, a Junior in high school. I am organizing a few radio amateurs here in Las Vegas, NV to coordinate a HSMM-Mesh network.

Similar but not to be confused with WIFI, this hardware software combination would allow amateur radio operators to connect computers at multi-megabyte speeds over amateur microwave bands.

This network could be used for:
>VoIP (Echolink, AllStar, IRLP, D-STAR, Skype, ect.)
>Video (Digital Amateur Television a.k.a. DATV, video conferencing)
>Data (e-mail and internet, remote control, packet, ect.)

It would be a ham radio internet or hinternet for short. Here is a video:

It is a mesh network, meaning that a station will automatically connect and relay data to other stations. Every station acts as a repeater, extending the coverage of the mesh network. In other words "The more the merrier!" All you need is that old wireless router laying around!

I think Southern Nevada would be a good environment for this new and exciting facet of ham radio because of its population of active Hams, its geography, and its publicity (NAB, CES, IWCE, VoIP Conference, EmcommWest).

Young kids already know how to steal the neighbors WIFI, this new kind of operation would attract them. Kids at my school aren't interested in voice, CW, or Packet. But show them a modern computer and they got it down pat! Just think, your son or daughter probably has all the right skills, minus the Amateur license!

To learn more:

If you like EMCOMM, Linux, microwave, VoIP, repeaters, ATV then you should join the group. We have antennas, equipment, expertise, and a plan. All we need is You!


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Good on the 'ZED';)
 Subject :Re:Las Vegas HSMM-Mesh.. 2012-02-29- 22:53:58 
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Howdy do, Dan. I'm not in Vegas, but about 65 miles to the NE of you in little old Overton. Wanna do some meshing DX? :D I've been waiting for someone to put the wrt54g on the ham map, so am really psyched about this. I'm not geek enough to code the wares myself, but come from geek stock enough to figure out the implementation. I'm a wardriver/warhiker from way back, so am definitely liking what I'm reading about this. I already was looking into 2.4Gc band when I read about this on the zed. I have a wrt I was going to flash with dd for a personal hamnet for highspeed out in the boonies, but this mesh stuff looks perfecto... Anyway, this is to say that I'd like to mesh up our little valley out here one way or another. Perhaps once things mature and others join in, a higher power link with Vegas would be neat. Our club takes care of Beacon Hill, which is the middle link between y'all and Mesquite for 2m/70cm/23cm phone among other things. It would be a grand site for some such eventuality for 2.4Gc perhaps... So please don't forget us out here as you jumpstart Vegas. I grok the suggestion that this has the potential to attract a lot of younger hams... Really, it could revolutionise ham radio. Forget HT's. Just give every high school science club a dozen wrt's! Heck, two dozen. They are cheap as dirt and it's fun to make microwave antennas... I'd love to qso about this with anyone. If you do 2m, please log into our Moapa Valley peater net on 147.39 at 1930 local some Thursday. I'm also on APRS, Winlink, and hang out on 40, 30, 20m psk31. My call at gmail dot com works, too. 73, Brighid KF7RHB
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I love you, WRT54G!
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