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 Subject :Firmware Upgrade Failure Linksys WRT54G v.4.. 2015-04-11- 07:30:52 
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I have a "stock" Linksys WRT54G v.4 that I am trying to convert to Hamnet. (Ok, I'm a newbie who bought two units with bbhn installed and also found two others to convert myself)  So far I THINK I have been following the firmware installation instructions.  I selected and downloaded this version of the .bin file:


When I logged into the router and started the update process things looked good for a few seconds after clicking "Upgrade".  Unfortunately, I soon received a message indicated firmware upgrade failure.  I have tried multiple times with multiple downloads of the .bin file but never get beyond the failure notice.

I admit I haven't looked extensively through the archives of the forum so if anyone knows of a previous solution or has a solution....probably an obvious error on my part......I sure would appreciate your guidance.


Dave K4DPF

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 Subject :Re:Firmware Upgrade Failure Linksys WRT54G v.4.. 2015-04-11- 09:55:38 
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The .BIN file is for when it is still a OEM router (stock firmware), to upgrade to a mesh node.

You will need to verify you are getting the proper bin file for what exact model you are using (ex WRT54GSv2 vs a WRT54GLv1.1, found ont he label underneath in small print)

If it already has BBHN firmware (or open/dd-wrt), then use the available TRX file, which works across all hardware models ONCE IT IS ALREADY a BBHN node.

So if you were trying to use a BIN file on a mesh node, yes you would get an error. Go download the TRX file and use it on those nodes to update from a previous BBHN version.

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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:Firmware Upgrade Failure Linksys WRT54G v.4.. 2015-10-31- 23:12:50 
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Where do I find the original .bin file for WRT64GL?
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