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 Subject :Tips for problems when loading BBHN.. 2015-08-31- 00:35:55 
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I have spent a bit of time over the last month working with the current release of BBHN Firmware 3.1.0. Along the way I stumbled into a few non-BBHN gremlins. Hopefully my notes below will help.

  • localnode:8080 does not work - following a failed attempt to use localnode:8080 to enter the status screen of the device it was noticed if the browser cache was cleared this would change the result. It appears the browser keeps a copy of the prior page results and if you try to go the the page the browser can and frequently does pull the last cached page from memory rather than pull a fresh copy from the server. To clear your cache press the "Shift and F5" keys at the same time.

  • If  localnode:8080 still is intransigent try this. Open a command prompt window. (In later editions of Windows (7, 8.1, 10) you can open a Command Prompt Window by pressing the Windows Key - the key with the Windows logo on it - and the X key at the same time. Select "Command Prompt" from the popup menu. DO NOT SELECT THE "COMMAND PROMPT (ADMIN)" unless you know specifically you need admin access.)

    In the Command Prompt (DOS) window type "ipconfig". A listing of network adaptors and their connections will appear. Note the IP Address associated with "Default Gateway". It will look similar to but what is important is to pull the numbers that appear in your window and write them down. Again WRITE THEM DOWN! Then change focus to the browser window again.  Type the IP address you wrote down in the URL Field (where you type the web address) and then :8080. Using the above noted sample ip address you would type      Then press enter. Be sure to use the IP Address you wrote down. In all the procedural processes it is easy to mix things up.

This has worked on both Linksys boxes and Ubiquiti devices I have uploaded the firmware.

If the above fail then make sure other network adaptors such as the wireless are "disabled". Windows prioritizes the network adaptor. If the Wireless or other adaptor has higher priority the browser traffic will be directed to it first and the browser times out.

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 Subject :Re:Tips for problems when loading BBHN.. 2015-09-18- 18:29:04 
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During the flashing process, each time the Linksys (or Ubiquity) device goes through a reboot, briefly unplug your PC's LAN cable and plug it back in. This forces Windows to renegotiate an IP address from the device's built-in DHCP server, allowing "localnode:8080" to always work after every step.

And yes, ALWAYS have any WiFi adapter disabled while flashing, otherwise you WILL have to chase down any IP address change by hand, as you described.

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