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 Subject :2.3GHz band plan.. 2010-10-23- 12:59:28 
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From time to time I ponder using 900MHz or 3.4GHz wifi devices for hsmm, and one of the things that gets in the way is the ARRL band plan. On the 900MHz band, some of the available wifi devices use channels that are on fm inputs, ATV, and fm outputs, and basically aren't compatible with the band plan. It finally dawned on my to see how the 2.4GHz wifi devices adhere to the 2.4GHz band plan.

Kip's spreadsheet shows this clearly.

Should I have any misgivings about not adhering to the 2.4GHz band plan? And if so, why not?

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 Subject :Re:2.3GHz band plan.. 2010-12-20- 14:10:31 
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I had this all typed out...but it lost it, to summarize though, I'm no expert in devices outside of the standard 802.11 2.4GHz readily available and cheap devices out there...I would think cost being the only real factor, 900MHz equipment would be better I would assume for range, but I dunno all the laws around this, but to be up front I'm still learning the radio side of things rapidly, and already know the data/ip networking/etc side, and how to build embedded squashfs images, develop, etc. It's funny how I stumbled across this project a couple days ago by picking up a faint (-94dBm) ssid labeled hsmm-mesh, google revealed the rest - a project I've been wanting to start up for some down the price of global communication until it's free.
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 Subject :Re:2.3GHz band plan.. 2011-03-03- 16:41:19 
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I wouldn't worry about it very much. Most of that is mere gentleman's agreements. In my opinion it not the ARRL band plan that gets in the way, it's the ARRL. Back in 2009 it appeared like there was some microwave band-planning going on with the league. As far as I can tell that is dead in the water. Just do your best to monitor the band for other possible ham use. My theory is typically there is so little use 900 and above, that if you want to do something that might be unsanctioned, it still is the best thing you can do!
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