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 Subject :First mesh node in Canada ?.. 2012-03-14- 06:29:02 
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Today Ii flashed a wrt54gs with mesh and am setting out to configure it and get it working. I have a second wrt54gs to do the same with and set up a small network here in my shack. The idea being is to get familiar enough with it so i can present it at our next club meeting. Several I have talked to are interested but there is nothing like a demonstration. So perhaps I am the first mesh node in Canada, I had a look at the google map on this site and I didn't see any other Canadian nodes. Our club website is and we are always glad to have others drop by. It wasn't too long ago a group of us were reminiscing about the good old days of packet, easy 2 way contacts. We had since moveed on the aprs but the old Kam sitting on the shelf was always a reminder of it. Then I discovered mesh.... this sounds like packet on steroids. So we are excited to try this out and get it going, thanks for the efforts put forth by those who wrote the software. I'll let you know how we make out. (Likely be back to ask a few questions  hi)

73  Tom ve3tsa / va3ts

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 Subject :Re:First mesh node in Canada ?.. 2012-03-14- 06:51:44 
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Great job, Tom! 

The reason there arent any other nodes on the map up your way is no one from north of the border (except the gent over in Anchorage) has given me their coordinates yet. There may be other maple leaf meshers, but I just havent heard from them yet.

If you email the Lat/Lon direct to me (off forum @, prefer XX.xxxxx/XX.xxxxx format) with the node name(s), etc, Ill be sure to plug them in and get your spot on the map.




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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
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