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 Subject :2 Mesh nodes and one MESH AP how to configure?.. 2012-03-14- 07:55:20 
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I have two MESH nodes configured and two computers talking to each other over this network.

I then took a MESH/AP, (stand alone), and have the same thing with a MESH wi-fi AP. Both computers wireless at this point, MESH nodes out of line.

Now I take the MESH/AP, (piggy back), to one of the MESH nodes via RJ-45, so that I can place the AP some distance from my primary computer, (MESH node direct connect), and have access to the other computer via wi-fi. One computer is direct connect to a MESH node, other access via the wi-fi AP/MESH node remote package.

My problem is while the MESH AP sees the two mesh nodes and I can access the control panels. I can not access the other computer via the MESH wi-fi. I have read several of the forum postings and docs, but no success.

Any info would be helpful.


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Mike n6kzb/xe2
 Subject :Re:2 Mesh nodes and one MESH AP how to configure?.. 2012-03-14- 10:29:34 
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Hi Mike,

With what you have provided, sounds like a port-forwarding issue.

Are you trying to reach the PC that is hanging off the AP wifi?

I would double check the port forward settings (or DMZ) on the node that is attached to the PC you are trying to get to.



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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:2 Mesh nodes and one MESH AP how to configure?.. 2012-03-14- 16:08:01 
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I tried DMZ and ports, no go. So I backed off and just want to start by linking two computers together via two mesh nodes. I can see both mesh nodes from both computers, (Ie; access the set up screens of the two nodes in any direction, BUT can not connect the two computers together?

I was able to add the access point to a mesh node, have that node rj-45 connected to my laptop and then use another computer to connect via the mesh/wifi access point, that lets me connect the two computers together.

This is what I want to end up with;

Mesh node hardwired to computer one. Mesh node and access point together farther away, so many can access the Webmail server I have on computer one, via this stand alone Mesh access point, that sees the MESH node at computer one.

This stuff is really hard to explain in a forum, sigh.  Thanks


Did manage to get 2 mesh nodes to connect 2 computers. You were right, It was DMZ, I set them both up for 1 DMZ. Now I can access the WebMail server on the other computer. Also Internet is being passed OK.

But still can't get a mesh access point to at the far end to allow me to connect through the mesh network.  So close.............


And final update, got it...................

I put mesh nodes back to NAT and just made sure IP of each other computer was entered as a DMZ.

Both are Set each to reserve those IP's

Changed MESH node IP to

2 computers and 2 mesh nodes, (one with attached mesh node access point).

Configured and working the winlink webmail server laptop as wi-fi from 1/2 block away with stock antennas. Sending internet with no issues.

So thus ends this saga, fun stuff.

Mike, adios

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