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 Subject :Remote control a TNC and use AGWTERMTCP's LOOPBACK for keyboard to key.. 2014-06-04- 16:01:53 
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Subject :Remote control a TNC and use AGWTERMTCP's LOOPBACK for keyboard to keyboard


AGWTERMTCP as a SERVER/CLIENT keyboard to keyboard platform

across BROADBAND HAMNET MESH networks.


A brief explanation. Using the directions below, AGWPE packet engine was successfully used as a SERVER/HOST on one computer equipped with a TNC, allowing a remote client using AGWTERMTCP to access the TNC for normal packet operations. An additional task of allowing both computers to communicate keyboard to keyboard using AGWPE’s LOOPBACK port and AGWTERMTCP software was successful. Last, a successful attempt was made accessing AGWPE’s “I-server” on the host remotely from the client. All remote access was accomplished across a mesh net, specifically the BROADBAND-HAMNET available to amateur radio. If the reader would like more information on either of these software projects please consult the BROADBAND HAMNET website for more information. More information about AGWPE, and AGWTERMTCP (across a network) can be found at the SOUNDCARDPACKET.ORG website.

First, open port 8000 on firewall for AGWPE and AGWTERMTCP to communicate.  You will also need to open port 80 if you want to access the experimental "I-serve" function in AGWPE.

Setting up the SERVER/HOST with a TNC-X and the CLIENT

1. Setup AGWPE packet engine on SERVER/HOST computer.

2. Configure TNC-X as PORT 1.

3. TNC-X setup, TAPR TNC2, Correct Baud rate to computer, Delete all KISS commands, Deselect EXITKISS, Single Port, Name it something you will remember.

4. On the BROADBAND-HAMNET mesh, place SERVER/HOST in DHCP reservation (ipaddress, hostname, MAC address) and then add HTTP link to port 80.


5. Install AGWTERMTCP on CLIENT computer.


6. Configure AGWTERMTCP on CLIENT computer using a separate and unique

SSID (your call + a different number).


7. Open the ini file in AGWTERMTCP on CLIENT computer and change the local ipaddress which should look something like 127.0.0.X to the ipaddress of the SERVER/HOST computer.


8. Connect to the mesh and verify remote access to TNC-X.


9. You should now be able to fully manipulate the TNC on the SERVER/HOST via the CLIENT through the MESH network.

Communicating “keyboard to keyboard” across the MESH, ignoring the TNC.


Note: While there may be several ways to accomplish this, this was just one simple way I found using the “loopback” protocol inside of AGWPE to accomplish a simple terminal to terminal connection. Further experimentation and development is ongoing.


1. Create second port on SERVER/HOST computer using AGWPE. Under PROPERTIES, then NEW PORT, select LOOPBACK. Then SAVE and RESTART.


2. On SERVER/HOST computer, install AGWTERMTCP. Then in AGWTERMTCP select FILE, then PROPERTIES. Enter the unique SSID of the client computer as one of your contacts.


3. Verify AGWTERMTCP is running on CLIENT computer


4. On CLIENT computer, select FILE, then PROPERTIES and place the SSID of the SERVER/HOST as one of the CLIENT’S contacts.


5. On CLIENT computer, under CONNECT, select SSID of SERVER/HOST, then select LOOPBACK for the PORT.


6. ALTERNATELY: On SERVER/HOST computer select SSID of CLIENT, then select LOOPBACK for the PORT.


7. The two consoles should be able to converse between each other across the mesh.

Note:  Make sure each console has a different SSID, or AGWTERMTCP will not allow the pier to pier connection.

AGWPE’s “I-Server”: With AGWPE packet software engine running on the SERVER/HOST and any CLIENT connected via the mesh, launch a browser on the client directed toward the SERVER/HOST. The page returned is self explanatory, still experimental and in development. Remember to open Port 80.

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 Subject :Re:Remote control a TNC and use AGWTERMTCP's LOOPBACK for keyboard to .. 2014-06-12- 10:28:02 
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Subject :Re:Remote control a TNC and use AGWTERMTCP's LOOPBACK for keyboard to keyboard

Forgot to add this to the instructions.  AGWPE has a SETUP INTERFACE menu wherein you will enable the WINSOCK, set the level of security (password and login), and a HTTP port to enable the "I-server"

Miss this step and you will pull your hair out for a while trying to figure out "why you cannot log on to the AGWPE engine on the server.

Hope this helps.



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