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 Subject :Seneca County MESH.. 2014-07-02- 23:20:21 
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Fellow MESHers,

We successfully operated a MESH FD logging using N3FJP software for FD this year.  We utilzed 4 nodes including a gateway node for storing the data and to provide internet timing, a node for public access to demonstrate FD information and two drop box nodes for the HF stations and contact logging.  All nodes were WRT54GL V1.1.  Our MESH reported 100% signal strength and worked flawlessly the entire 24 hour FD exercise.

Many thanks to Jeff WB8REI for his assistance and for providing an added benefit to our visitors who were able to listen to recorded information transmitted via the MESH to a low power FM transmitter.

We are currently working on a VOIP application we hope to place in service later this year during an ARES event and hope to provide video links as well.

Kudos to all who are actively supporting the MESH project here.  The effort is fantastic and is greatly appreciated.

Jim W8ERW 

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