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 Subject :Introductions area?.. 2012-03-19- 11:26:48 
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Location: San Benito Texas

Didn't see an area for intoductions, so ...

Name is Pete, KF2QD, located outside of San Benito down in the Rio Grande Valley.

Haven't been very active for a number of years but I have maintained my ticket. My boss belongs to a ham club that meets in Harlingen and got some information from one of the occasional members a couple weeks ago.

I am interested as I have been playing with computers on the job and as a hobby for a number of years. (TRS-80 Model 1 for age...) I can see this as a way to provide some backup communications and connectivety in case of hurricanes and such. A couple of units that could be portable that could be set up a a police station of fire station might be beneficial. Might be interesting to see if we could stick something on our small tower outside the studio to connect Brownsville to San Benito/Harlingen as there is some distance there that is sparcely populated.

Oh Yeah - Just what I needed, one more hobby to beg for time and money. Keeps the mind active though.

One of my hobbies is my small machine shop at home. Anyone got any experience making slot antennas at 2.4?

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