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 Subject :Can I use this router.. 2017-01-27- 08:36:34 
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I have a wrtp54g version 2 router that was originally use for a Vontage  VoIP phone system. The wireless router is a standard wrt54g v2 router and works alone as a regular router. It has two telephone jacks built in for use with analog phones. Inside the unit is an A to D converter for the telephones to be used on Vontage as VoIP. My question is: can this router be flash programmed as a regular wrt54g with the ham-mesh software to be used on the mesh ? I am not too concerned about the A to D and VoIP phone part but it would also be nice if I could use them. I can always plug a digital phone into one of the other four ports on this router. Any thoughts on this ? I would appreciate any and all comments. I don't want to brick the unit trying if not compatible. Thanks, to each and all who have any helpful input. I'm not computer literate but do understand most of the basics.

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 Subject :Re:Can I use this router.. 2017-01-27- 10:51:06 
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The wrtp54g hardware shows to have enough storage and ram to work. In addition, there are posts in this forum on how to use the existing firmware with an ID byte change.  Two items are needed. Do a google search for "device unlock wrtp54g" for the process to become non-vendor specific and upload other firmware. After that, you will need to modify the firmware file to change the ID byte before using our firmware.

You can always search for any topic by typing something in the "search" at top right of each page. That starts a full content, dedicated, single site search for anything published here. Be sure and post your results to guide others using this hardware.

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 Subject :Re:Can I use this router.. 2017-01-28- 00:12:04 
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Here are a few of those posts:"

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