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 Subject :Getting DMZ Server Right.. 2012-04-01- 12:59:51 
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Help! I'm very new to this, but absolutely fascinated with the HSMM-Mesh. Here is my scenario:

I have three nodes all running and seeing each other. So far just using three as a proof of concept before I talk others into getting involved. On Node A I want to have a dedicated netbook hosting pictures, programs and files for Node B and Node C to use.  I installed an IP camera and probably more luck than skill got it working across all Nodes. The netbook is proving to be more challenging. So far the Current DHCP Leases has acknowledged my netbook and I see a host name " EeeMINI", IP Adress of, and a MAC Address.  I added it to the DHCP Address Reservation.  I then added the "EeeMINI" to the DMZ Server field by the drop down menu. 

This is where I hit a brick wall. How do I advertise the "EeeMINI" to the other Nodes? How do I fill the Port Forwarding fields or do I leave it blank?  How do I fill the Advertised Services fields?  Not sure how to fill the URL field.  Do I have to drill down to the exact location on the hard drive where the files will be located?

I see another topic string on DMZ Server, but just can't make out what to do next. 



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 Subject :Re:Getting DMZ Server Right.. 2012-04-02- 03:40:57 
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If you have the netbook in DMZ, that means all ports NOT forwarded elsewhere will go to the Netbook.

Then to advertise, on the right side, give it any name you want (this will be seen by others), if it is a web service or something a link could get them to, you click the LINK checkbox, then the next field would be for FTP or HTTP or IRC, (the protocol for that link).

Then after 'unchangeable-node-name:' you put in the port number that service uses (web/http is port 80, FTP is 21, ssh is 22, etc), then if necessary, you can put a direct path to whatever.

for example on mine that I have the IRC server installed:

IRC   (check)   irc  ://K5KTF-USB:    6667    {blank}

which then puts a link named IRC on the mesh status page for that node. When someone on my mesh clicks that link, it automatically opens their IRC client (I use mIRC) and starts the chat session.





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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
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