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 Subject :Can't Get Signal to the Neighbor.. 2017-07-24- 06:33:17 
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I have two WRT54G routers configured with Hamnet - both in my home.  They seem to be running correctly and they see each other normally.  One is upstairs with a 20dB gain yagi connected to one antenna port and the other antenna port has the original antenna on it.

The yagi is pointed out a window toward my closest ham neighbor - clear line of site about 1/2 mile away.

In the house the Hamnet signal is the strongest signal present, beating my two in-home WiFi channels.  However, if I go out at the edge of the property (200') inline with the direction the yagi is pointing  with my laptop running a WiFi sniffer app the Hamnet signal doesn't make it any further than the regular WiFi signals, let along a half mile.

My understanding of this stuff is pretty weak but I was expecting to get a strong SSID broadcast off the end of that yagi - but it appears not.

I need some tips....


Calvin - N7AY

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