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 Subject :Cisco phones 7940.. 2017-08-01- 04:22:52 
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Hello All;

I have installed asterisk on raspberry pi3 vers 28-01-2017, the installation is working so I update the Module Admin and restart system ok and no erreur.

1- I install X-Lite on 2 computers extension 1- 500 and 2- 501 no problem ok.

2- So I have 10 Cisco 7940 (2 line) I have there or SIP extension so on Asterisk I create 1 extension 1000 Name Robert not problem.

3- So I plug the phone in mesh node the system give a IP address of the asterisk is on the IP address on the computer, I ping both IP address the computer confirmed 100% Received NO LOSS for asterisk and phone.

4- On the phone Cisco 7940, I can’t not figure out wat to set up for the 2 lines on this’s phones.

5- On the mesh node program; interface set at, BORTH; type TCP outside port, 80; lan ip; lan port 80 and click add; in the advertised service; name voIP-1 link x; http -80 click add save reboot. 6- Click on node status; service raspbx ok and working, but the voIP-01 (phone) I click and the system bris me to asterisk login!!! I need help, Thank you for you time,

73 from Robert ve2rbb email.

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