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 Subject :WRT320N.. 2018-04-20- 04:13:29 
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I'm new to BBHN and am interested in building a network where I live in West Virginia.  Right now, I have 1 node setup and running at my house.  I, like I'm sure many of you do, have several wireless routers to play with at my house.  One of which supports and is running OpenWRT.  It is a Linksys wrt320n.  It would be nice if I could add this to my network giving it 2 nodes.  I know it isn't supported yet, but it was mentioned in the under development section to post what I have in the forums.  So, I am.  I'm more than happy to load any beta versions of BBHN on it to see if I can get it to run.  Or, if someone smarter than I am about this knows if I could load another image on it,  I would be happy to do it an help this project out where I can.




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