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 Subject :Answered my own question: Can I reload my stock Ubiquiti F/W if I want.. 2018-08-30- 14:33:22 
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Subject :Answered my own question: Can I reload my stock Ubiquiti F/W if I want after installing bbhn-3.1.0

I'm just about to start playing with an AirGrid M2 and want to be sure I can reload my Ubiquiti bin file if I need to return the unit to "stock".

I would assume it's going into Setup -> Administration -> Upload Firmware, but want to be sure I'm not about to do anything un-doable.

After a couple of stressful moments (or days really), the answer is "sort of".

My original F/W was AirOS 5.6.6. Aafter flashing bbhn 3.1.0 and finding that I could boot but couldn't save config, I attempted to TFTP recover AirOS and got stuck in the reboot loop.

I then found out I couldn't TFTP restore *anything* and thought for sure I was bricked. I was able to find and download 5.5.11 but that wouldn't load with "Firmware check failed".

I was able to use the serial port "urescue" method and was able to reload my 5.6.6 firmware. From there I downgraded to 5.5.11 then was able to successfully load and configure bbhn 3.1.0.

Moral of the story is that if you're running 5.6.x, downgrade to 5.5.x before you try to load bbhn 3.1.0.

The other lesson I learned is that the serial recovery is not as bad as it seems other that having to open the case.


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