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 Subject :Best writeup for setting up a mesh at home.. 2012-04-20- 07:49:07 
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Here's what I have and want to do.

I've got two routers with the mesh software successfully installed.  I would put one inside my house and plugged into the switch built into the DSL modem.  The second one I plan to hang from a pine tree with POE to power it and probably using this antenna.  I can get it hung at about 60'.

I'll be in a rural area but when it gets installed I'll show it to the local club to try and get some more hams interested.

So I'm unsure how to proceed with the software settings.  I was following the instructions at this site and didn't get too far before running into a snag.

When I got to 2. it says to change the IP address to 1.240 and save it.  But the software said that was incorrect and wouldn't allow it to be saved.  

2. On the LAN section, change the IP address to an address which falls within the existing subnet. In this example we will choose The subnet mask of should be left as is. If you want to have the option of providing Internet access to HSMM-MESH, set the default gateway to Defining the gateway does not automatically give HSMM-MESH Internet access, there is a checkbox in the WAN section which can be turned on and off as needed. It is also important to uncheck the "DHCP" option. Your existing router is handling DHCP services and should be the only DHCP server on the network.

So what's the best writeup on how to set up the routers with one being installed inside to the switch and one hanging up outside to form a mesh, share internet amongst the mesh and allow the mesh and internet to be shared locally through the ethernet cord.

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 Subject :Re:Best writeup for setting up a mesh at home.. 2012-04-21- 09:46:22 
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First I'd like to say that I didn't read the articles you posted, I just thought I'd tell you how I did it. I have a router (non-mesh) connected to my cable modem. It shares the internet with the other computers in my house. I took one of my mesh nodes and on the set up screen I checked "mesh gateway", saved changes and rebooted it. Then I ran a cable between the WAN port of the Mesh node and one of the LAN ports of the non-mesh router. Since the mesh node was connected by the WAN port I didn't have to change the IP or the DHCP section as the WAN see's it as a internet connection and accepts the IP given by the non-mesh router. Once you get that done use your other mesh node to connect to a laptop or other computer and see if you can access the internet thru the one connected to your non-mesh router. you don't have to do anything else to the other mesh nodes to get the internet on all the nodes.
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 Subject :Re:Best writeup for setting up a mesh at home.. 2012-04-21- 10:11:24 
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Try reading over this one:

It tells how to do it a bit easier I like to think, plus setting options for your NIC to make things work more smoothly

I think the snag you may be hitting is setting the IPs for the LOCAL NETWORK, a.k.a your main LAN, not the mesh lan.


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