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 Subject :Need rural net access for video surveillance.. 2019-12-01- 16:51:41 
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Good evening All,

So I'm brand new to MESH, long time interest but finally getting around to ordering hardware (just ordered 2 WRT54GS routers, yes versions are within 1-3)....

Here's what I'm needing...

I have two river properties directly across the river from each other.  The western property (8 acres) has the house and satellite internet access (which sucks since it is so slow, but it's the only thing available).  The eastern property (7 acres) is a nice pasture.  I'm needing internet access at the eastern property but the distance is about 1750' from the house internet wireless router.

So, would it be best to install a MESH system at the eastern property OR would something else be better?

I'm needing to install a medium quality 4k surveillance system on the eastern property in order to monitor the eastern property for trespassing (Im tired of people coming onto my property and tearing the place up, littering, partying, etc).  I'm looking for a 4k video surveillance system that's capable to "pushing" activity notifications to my cellphone so that anytime I get a notification I can either investigate the possible trespass situation or I can call someone to look into it if I'm not in town.

If I get suggestions of installing something other than the MESH does anyone know of a 4k surveillance system that has some sort of integrated internet access that I can install with the surveillance system?

I plan to run power at the eastern property using a small LiFePo4 battery (automotive size) charged with a single solar panel.

Really hoping that someone can help me with this.  I need this system to be installed by April 2020.



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