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 Subject :Toronto Mesh.. 2016-12-29- 11:35:03 
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Hello to one and all Meshers in Ontario!

Many years ago now, I was involved with a great group of HAM's who managed to

put together a fairly robust (but slow) network for data.  The network spanned from

Niagara Falls to Ottawa, and also north into Barrie and further.

Speeds for user access were a staggering 1200 baud, while some of the backbone

links managed to get up to 19,200 baud over fair distances.

With the Internet's birth, packet radio soon withered and died.

There are still some AX.25 nodes alive, but they are few and far between.

Well, my interest in Amateur data communications has brought me into HSMM!

After doing a fair amount of reading, I have as of today erected a node in central Toronto.

The site is located just east of Allen Road & Eglinton, with an elevation of roughly 150 feet.

(43.703782, -79.422005)  It's a good site, and I used to run VA3BBS:BBSBBS from.

The node is listening to the west, and is fairly deaf to the east ... for now.

The equipment so far is very simple ... an Ubiquiti NanoStation M2.

My node is running the latest AREDN firmware, and the node name is VE3XPG.


If the maps are reasonably accurate there are nodes to both my west and east,

but there is a large gap in the middle (central Toronto).

I may be able to plug that hole ... or more likely ... connect the East to the West!!

I have a long history in the I.T. field so networking is nothing new to me,

but I am not about to jump into this with both feet until I see some activity

from the rest of the community.  The last post here is almost a year old!

Here is hoping I hear back from some other Mesher's in the near furture!





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