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 Subject :N1MM networking via mesh nodes - Error.. 2012-06-17- 07:12:44 
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I am having some trouble networking N1MM on a HSMM-Mesh network and I could use some help.

I can ping the nodes and I am able to map (shared) network drives using the wireless IP of each router eg.

\\\N1MM Logger

But N1MM gives me the following error message in Networking mode...

Show Status for Station 2
Station: 1:Station 2 on (port 12071) - Status: Closed as Client via local port 12086
CQ Freq: 0.00 Pass: 0.00
Echo never received or connection closed. 

N1MM Network config as follows...

Network Names:
0:Station 1
1:Station 2

If I can get these 2 to work with N1MM I can get the other stations working.

Can anyone help?

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 Subject :Re:N1MM networking via mesh nodes - Error.. 2012-06-20- 03:00:53 
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I'm not familiar with the way N1MM works.  I looked at the docs and the network setup is a bit unusual.  Every node would require specific configuration and they would not be interchangeable.

It may be easier to just set every node to use DMZ Mode on the LAN.  5 hosts should be fine.  This way all computers can directly talk to one another and port forwarding is not necessary.  You will still want to use the same node with the same computer (don't swap them) and be sure to use a dhcp address reservation so that nothing changes after a reboot or power cycle.

Treat the computers as having a direct internet connection.  The IP addresses of the nodes will be irrelevant to the N1MM setup because NAT is not used.  The address of each computer will be unique and they should be the ones entered into the N1MM software.

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 Subject :Re:N1MM networking via mesh nodes - Error.. 2012-06-26- 13:30:14 
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Setting up the nodes to use DMZ mode worked for me. Used the N1MM software for logging during Field Day. Worked just like we wanted. Thanks!
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