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 Subject :Newly flashed wrt54g not seeing each other.. 2012-07-27- 20:11:35 
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I am new to hsmm, and am having some issues.  I have three wrt54 routers that I just flashed with .4.3 without problems.  I can get to the config and status screens OK on windows laptops connected to each one.  But, the nodes do not see each other.  They see a local wifi in the shack, and a separate laptop sees each node fine.  Ssid is set to HSMM-MESH on them.  I can provide more info, but am having a hard time leaving messages here, this is the fourth attempt with a third computer, an iPad this time.

Thanks & 73. Terry, wb4jfi

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 Subject :Re:Newly flashed wrt54g not seeing each other.. 2012-07-29- 17:49:35 
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Terry, A few things to check right off the bat: 1) Are all three WRT54Gs on the same wifi channel? 2) Did you do the initial setup and let each node configure it's IP address, set the node name, password, and then click "save changes" and let the node reboot? 3) Each node *MUST* have a different name. An easy to use standard is Callsign-###. I used "KY9K-001" for the first WRT54G and increment the number as I obtain more and get them on the air. 4) If each node is on the same WIFI channel, has a different IP address, has a different name, a password has been set, you've clicked "save changes" and the node has rebooted... They should all connect automagically. I've never had a problem when I've followed the initial setup instructions to the letter. 73-KY9K/Brian
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