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 Subject :Closest node?.. 2012-08-30- 08:28:03 
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Hi, K5RIK is new to this forum. I am on County Road 245, Williamson county, approx: N 30 46 52  W 97  46 52). Is there a node I can reach from that location?  I am pretty far from the locations shown on the map. Thanks. 73, Rik

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 Subject :Re:Closest node?.. 2012-09-01- 21:04:44 
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Hi Rick,

Ill do a path profile using your coords and see which you could hit. You can do it too, by following the link in the menu: Web Links-Propagation & Mapping - Hey Whats that (#2). You pick 2 (or more) points on the map, enter in 2412 for Mhz. After clicking a point (or more), click the link next to the point info on the right and if you enter +#### (a number) will give it HAAT for more accuracy.

The 2 I know of closest to you would be CP Hospital (profiler shows no chance) and Bagdad north of LHS (better, but still no-go @2412Mhz).

I was hoping to have a few more nodes up around G-town, but as of yet Williamson County is being slow to get some in the air. I am starting to plan a Mesh Field Day at San Gabriel here real soon to get people to learn about HSMM-Mesh, and try to get more involvement up your way.

If you want, I can let you know when it is, once we get things lined up.




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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:Closest node?.. 2012-10-04- 12:12:12 
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What time?  I may want to go to it.

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