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 Subject :New Facebook group and FAQ server.. 2016-02-10- 01:35:43 
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As we continue to grow, we´ve formed a small team opted to handle the BBHN / AMPRnet system in SM7 area. We are now moving more and more towards using the outstanding mesh functions of BBHN as a carrier for AMPRnet.

We´ve also started a Facebook group for hamradio operators primarily for SM7, but in no way limited to that. Everyone interested or curious about this are welcome to join.

We´ve also started our FAQ server for those interested in how to startup and join the community (this is in swedish, but online translators will do the job fine). In the filearea you´ll find our Runbook for download, which is currently version 1.0, which is a living documentation and will be updated on a regular basis.

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