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 Subject :WiFi AP works (internet) but no localnode access.. 2012-10-11- 04:10:05 
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I have a v7 wrt54g connected to my mesh node. This is allowing me to access the mesh via standard WiFI connection. I am able to bring up internet this way no problem.

In the past with the same set up I was able to pull up the localnode and meshh status pages the same way. I no longer can bring up the localnode on my WiFi connected device. Is this a change in the new firmware? if so it ruins 98% of what we planned to use the mesh for. Is there a workaround? any suggestions?

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 Subject :Re:WiFi AP works (internet) but no localnode access.. 2012-10-12- 04:44:36 
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Can you describe your configuration? It sounds like something like this:

AP ----- MESHNODE(gateway) ----- Internet

or is it more like

AP ----- MESHNODE <<<<<     >>>>> MESHNODE(gateway) ----- Internet

I did something similar to the second arrangement on Wednesday and had no issues going to http://localnode:8080/ as well as internet sites.

Are you able to go to the localnode page when directly plugged in or if the internet connection isn't plugged into the router?

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Chris Arnesen, KU7PDX
 Subject :Re:WiFi AP works (internet) but no localnode access.. 2012-10-14- 16:05:13 
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Additional to the questions from Chris... 1) Are you using the WRT54Gv7 as a dump AP and plugging between the LAN ports of the v7 and the mesh node, or are you using the v7 as a NAT/router and plugging the WAN port of the v7 into the LAN ports of the mesh node? 2) What are you using for DNS servers on your wifi connected host/device? If you're using something other than the mesh node as your DNS server, the "localnode" name isn't going to work. Have you tried ? If that works and "localnode..." doesn't, then you've likely got a DNS issue to resolve. If neither method works then you've probably got a layer-3 network issue to resolve. -KY9K/Brian
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