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 Subject :More VLAN Questions.. 2014-08-01- 18:39:24 
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I am running 1.1 firmware on a Bullet M5-HP and trying to set up a DHCP WAN connection. I picked up a small HP Procurve 1700-8 managed switch and am attempting to sort out the VLAN settings.

The HP has a default VLAN set with a VLAN ID of 1 that all 8 ports are assigned to. I created a second VLAN with an ID of 2 and assigned the last 2 ports (7 & 8)  of the switch to it. I also un-assigned them from vlan 1. So ports 1-6 are on vlan 1 and ports 7-8 are on vlan 2. No trunks were created. Ports 7-8 were marked to pass tagged only traffic and  ports 1-6 to pass all traffic. No ingress filtering was set.

I am unable to pick up an address for the WAN with a external DHCP server attached to either port 7 or 8. I am missing something here. Does a trunk need to be created?

The release notes in the firmware mentions untagged = LAN, vlan1 = WAN . and vlan2 = DTD Linking. Are these actual id numbers critical?

Anyone have an HP switch setup they can share?

Thanks, Dave,  K7DMK

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 Subject :Re:More VLAN Questions.. 2014-08-02- 09:34:10 
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The numbers are indeed important they have to match. 

The first major issue I see is you removed vlan1 from ports 7 and 8. This vlan needs to be there and it needs to be there in a tagged format so the node can read the traffic as being on it's "WAN" port.

DTDLINK sounds like it should be setup correct so that if you plug a Ubiquiti into 7 or 8 they would talk to each other on VLAN2. 

This post may help

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