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 Subject :Firmware Beyond 3.1.0.. 2016-08-07- 06:20:51 
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Hello All,

I have some of the Ubiquiti radios, and was wondering what has been the activity beyond the 3.1.0 build.

I wanted to mention Amazon has a special going on - AWS Commit - it's a cloud based Git repository - it is great for small teams.  If you have 5 or less it ends up being free most of the time.  It stays free Tier for the time being if you sign up soon.  I thought the special would end by the end of July but I just put a new project on it - and it is August.  (I do not have any relationship with Amazon other than being a customer.)

Does HSMM have a repository that can be accessed?  I will poke around.

I have a Titanium running 3.1.0 right now - will put this on an Air Grid I have also.



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