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 Subject :airgrid mhp and NanostationM2 Internet Gateway not working. .... 2014-05-09- 05:17:41 
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I just got one brand new airgrid and a brand new NanostationM2.

I flashed them with the appropriate firmware but they both have a similar problem

The Internet gateway doesn't work. But when I setup a wrt54gl as an internet gateway,  the airgrid node and the NanostationM2 node can connect to the Internet via the wrt54gl gateway. .

Can you help me with getting the airgrid or the NanostationM2 to work properly as an internet gateway  ?



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 Subject :Re:airgrid mhp and NanostationM2 Internet Gateway not working. .... 2014-05-09- 10:09:45 
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Hello Steve,

Have you put a "smart switch" (vlan capable) switch connected to the node so you can pull out the WAN port to a physical port to plug into your connection to the internet?

Any cable that is plugged into the Ethernet port is treated as part of the "LAN" unless it speaks in 802.1q tagged VLANS to tag traffic as "WAN" port by putting a "VLAN ID" of 1 on the packet.

A couple forum posts previously talked on this subject a bit more in depth.

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 Subject :Re:airgrid mhp and NanostationM2 Internet Gateway not working. .... 2014-05-10- 17:13:24 
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Thanks for your reply..

I figured out how to use two ports of my wrt54gl as vlan1 and vlan2. It works just fine.

I used DD-WRT for this to work.

The router is acting as a smart switch providing internet to the nanostationm2 or airgridm2 setup as internet gateway.

In case someone needs to use a spare wrt54gl as a managed switch, here is a simple setup:

1- do a hard reset.

2- go to SETUP-> VLANS

3- move the wan port to vlan 2

4- click apply.(wait 1 minute before continuing).

5- go to SETUP -> Networking page

6-  change the "WAN Port Assignment" from "vlan1" to "vlan2". If there is no "vlan2", reboot the router and check again.

7- Press the apply button

8- go to SETUP -> VLANS

9-  Move the desired ports from "vlan0" to "vlan1". I used ports 3 and 4 to provide vlans to ubiquiti routers. You can select two or one port to use as vlan, it is up to you.

10- Change Assigned to Bridge settings for vlan1 to LAN

11- Press the apply button and wait one minute before continuing.

12- go to SETUP -> Networking page and verify that the vlan1 interface is assigned to the br0

12- Click save and apply settings.

13- go to setup -> networking page and change "WAN port to Assignment " from "vlan1" to "vlan2" and press apply.

14- go to Administration -> commands and save the following script.

        nvram set wan_ifname=vlan2

        startservice wan

Wait two minutes and reboot the router... very important.

15 - go to SETUP -> VLANS

16- Scroll down to "Tagged" and select the ports you selected in step 9 as vlan1. For me I selected ports 3 and 4.

17- Press apply button and wait 2 minutes. After this I was able to assign ports 3 and 4 as vlans and ports 2 and 1 were still working as traditional LAN ports.

I also tried the same setup by assigning just port 4 as vlan1 and the 3 other LAN ports were still working just fine. Port 4 provided internet to any Ubiquiti device with one or two LAN ports.


Credits to : DD-WRT tutorial on how to configure VLANS for 802.1q compability.

web page:

that is it... now you can plug the nanostation, the bullet or the airgrid lan ethernet cable into port 3 or 4 and it will act as a vlan.

Beware !!!

I can ping my router ip from different nodes. I can access my router GUI from any node in my network..

I think this is a bit scary if you open your network to everybody in a given community network...


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