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 Subject :FocusPhone glitch with WIN v. 10.. 2015-12-07- 23:10:02 
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Hi folks,

I got a new laptop with Win/10 on it and, when using Focus Phone, its doing something that I've not had happen on Windows 7 or 8. 

When I plug in my USB external camera (Logitech eyeball) and open Focus Phone what happens is, Focus Phone starts up (as evidenced by the icon in the traybar appearing), but the program does not open up on the desktop (only in the systems tray bar).  I know the camera is work with Focus phone because when I cursor over the icon with my mouse in the tray bar (shown below in pic), the image from the camera appears (but in a much smaller version - which its suppose to do that).  The program itself doesn't seem to want to open up on the screen (other than in the tray bar). 

Anyone else have this problem with Focusphone.  I'd hate to use another program as I have installed on all our Mesh computers in our ARES group.  But, if I have to change to another program - I will, with some advice.

Well., after writing all this - i tried to up load the image (jpg) of my tray but this forum is giving me an error saying Warning: Failed to move file.  Unable to upload image.

Boy, i'm having a productive day.... Undecided

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