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 Subject :OWW and a WRT54GS.. 2012-07-19- 05:50:21 
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Wondering if anyone has tried to install OWW (one wire weather), either the GUI or non-GUI

versions onto a WRT54 with a serial port mod and then hooked a one wire weather station

to it over the mesh?

I'd be willing to give it a try but still clunking around with how to get into the routers so far.

Been having problems connecting between my two 54GS's. I know I just haven't done the

right thing yet but I'll figure it out sooner or later or find the correct topic or FAQ that I have

over looked so far.

James W8IS

Lincoln Park, MI


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 Subject :Re:OWW and a WRT54GS.. 2012-07-22- 19:34:16 
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James, The ow* series of packages doesn't appear to be available in Kamikaze 7.09. It is available in OpenWRT Backfire and Trunk. You'd likely need to use the SDK to cross-compile the ow* series of packages and then bring them in via ipkg. 73-KY9K/Brian
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